CounterPunch a Virtuos Studio offers our clients an end to end solution for Video Game Pre Production and Cinematics. Our teams specialize in Character Creation, Storyboards, Previs, Editorial Services, Layout, Facial and Body Animation, and Motion Capture Planning and Production.

Our team can provide a full script to engine solution, or seamlessly plug into any of the parts of the pipeline support is required.



Every Virtuosi has been co-opted for their desire to make a difference. We ensure that every project, training phase, and team creates opportunities for each individual to improve his skills and to show them off. Quality is not a vague concept for us: we define it, we learn how to produce it, we measure it in all possible forms, because it is essential to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.


Trust is essential in fostering strong partnerships. We believe in utilizing only the best tools, processes and legal means to ensure that the IP entrusted to us is preserved intact, delivering reliable, quality work on time and within budget for our clients. This trust also extends to our own teams; we strive to provide an equal opportunity work environment where all team members can collaborate openly.


We are in the business of fun; it’s important that our work contributes to positive emotions. We encourage positivity amongst ourselves as well, which keeps us focused on delivering quality work worthy of experiencing in-game or on the big screen. Positivity also gives us the motivation to accept feedback and go the extra mile to meet demands, because we believe that the most challenging problems are also the most rewarding to solve.