Located in Culver City, California, CounterPunch Studios, is a fully realized CG animation studio offering a full service pipeline.  Our services include Full Body and Facial Animation, Motion Capture, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Lighting, Compositing, Layout and Editorial.


The company, formed by Andrew Egiziano and Kay Arutyunyan, and built around an experienced production team that oversees an animation team with years of experience in Feature Films, Episodic Television animation, AAA Video Games and Commercials.


The objective of CounterPunch Studios is to provide animation services and develop production pipelines specific to the project needs and budgetary concerns of each client.  Our team builds and manages workflows and production pipelines to meet client specifications agnostic to the client’s operations (Maya, Max, XSI, etc.).  CounterPunch also provides on site start up and incorporates client approval at each stage of production.  Our service includes transparent budgeting and cost reporting.


CounterPunch has additionally established partnerships with several Mocap Studios, worldwide and are licensed to use Faceware, the facial animation solution offered by Image Metrics, Inc.

Our goal is to bring every tool and expertise to our clients to offer a fully scalable production pipeline and/or service with the efficiencies of modern technology to meet the demands of any budget.