Spyro Reignited Trilogy (2018)
Spyro Trilogy Reignited is one of our favorite projects to date! The CPS team had a blast with the opportunity to push hand key stylized facial and body animation for the project. Our team supported our client, Toys for Bob, with facial and body animation for several of the Cinematic Dragons and a few of the gameplay characters. With most Video Games today opting for MOCAP to accommodate volume and schedules, this game really allowed our animators to dive deeper into our traditional and creative animation roots. Make sure to check out the game to catch all of the over the top personalities, expressions, fight scenes, and killer dance moves come to life!
Just Cause 4 (2018)
The CPS Team supported long time partners and friends Halon Entertainment with facial animation for the Just Cause 4 video game. The pipeline consisted of MOCAP solve and polish to pass back to Halon for final polish and integration with body animation. With the Video Game Industry constantly working toward more efficient pipelines, partnerships are key in thinking outside the box and getting project completed successfully!
Injustice 2 (2017)
The CPS Team joined many other teams to support NetherRealm Studios with the gameplay intros, fatalities, and supermoves for the groundbreaking Injustice 2 video game. Taking gameplay animation to new heights, this project was groundbreaking for the Industry. CPS was responsible for the facial animation processing and polish (from MOCAP data to import into engine) for a large amount of the gameplay between the fighting characters. We also supported with some cinematic facial animation in a character heavy chapter.
Uncharted Lost Legacy (2017)
In order to comply with high security requirements, the CPS Animators who supported on both facial and body animation for Uncharged Lost Legacy, relocated to work from the Sony Interactive Entertainment studios in San Diego for several months. An Animation Sup and several Lead Animators went through training at SIE to utilize proprietary toolsets in-house with the SIE team combined with years of experience in cinematic game animation to achieve great results.
Evil Within 2 (2017)
For the Evil Within 2 video game, the CPS team was able to jump in and support our client Tango Gameworks from faceover capture to facial animation polish. We were involved in the casting process of the faceover actors, implantation of the MOCAP shoots and post processing, data processing, and final facial animation polish. Having the client in house from Japan for the MOCAP shoots and several of the initial and final reviews was extremely helpful in sync up and successful execution of an international partnership.
Mafia III (2017)
The CPS Team provided Cinematic Facial Animation from MOCAP solve through final polish to support our clients 2K Games. 2017 was the year that video game rigging was getting a major face lift all across the industry. With FACS based Blend Shape Rigs replacing Joint ONLY rigs, our team re-vamped our animation pipeline to incorporate the updated rigs and push the quality bar past what had previously been possible.
Doom VFR (2017)
The CPS Team jumped on in the final stages of production to rig and animate a character for the game. Utilizing our proprietary toolsets and our efficient animation pipeline, we were able to rig and animate a featured piece for the game within 4 weeks. The quick turnaround was a surprise to the client, and to ourselves!
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (2016)
In order to comply with high security requirements, the CPS Animators who supported on facial animation for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, relocated to work from the Infinity Ward studios in Los Angeles for several months. An Animation Sup and several Lead Animators integrated with the Infinity Ward pipeline to process large volumes of data at record speeds. The team was able to plug in and out of the client’s pipeline where needed seamlessly.



JUST CAUSE 4 (2018)


MAFIA III (2017)

INJUSTICE 2 (2017)

EVIL WITHIN 2 (2017)

DOOM VFR (2017)